Auto enrolment: areas of misunderstanding

16 October 2014

The Pensions Regulator has produced a number of briefing notes to cover areas of auto enrolment which are commonly misunderstood.

The notes cover three topics as follows:

· Briefing Note 14-01 - Estimating start of Opt-out windows This covers the issue of ensuring the right Opt-out date is used in instances where employers, jobholders and pension providers do not necessarily know when the Opt-out window begins and ends.

· Briefing Note 14-02 - Director exemption of duties The rules on how and when company directors are exempted from automatic enrolment are not always fully understood. This briefing explains when the exemption does and does not apply.

· Briefing Note 14-03 – ‘Giving’ T&C’s This clarifies how to ‘give’ terms and conditions compliantly.