More agent volunteers are needed to test Agent Online Self Service (AOSS)

23 January 2015

Agents come in all shapes and sizes and so, to ensure that a wide selection are chosen to test the new digital services being designed and built by HMRC, more volunteers are needed.

HMRC are now preparing to trial through a 'private beta' release the first service under AOSS and would like to build up the volunteer pool to include more agents with employer PAYE clients.

The new service will enable agents, provided they have appropriate authorisation, to access the PAYE accounts for their employer clients and view their liabilities and payments - once they have confirmed the accuracy of the client list that HMRC will present to them (how up to date are your client lists?)

Agents who would like to get involved can sign up by simply following the Agent Services link which will take you to a questionnaire. The questionnaire should only take a couple of minutes to complete but it will provide HMRC with information about the agents' business and ensure that a wide range of agents (with employer PAYE clients) is selected to take part.

HMRC will only invite a small number of agents into the 'private beta' trial at first but will then look to include more as the service ramps up, develops and improves.

Recognising that for many agents January is an exceptionally busy month the questionnaire will remain available for completion until 28th Feb 2015.

Agents who have already volunteered, as a result of previous calls via News On Line will have been separately contacted for further details about their firm and to check that they're still keen to help so don't need to apply again, thank you for volunteering.

The questionnaire will remain open until the 28 February 2015 and your input is vital to the correct design and build of this new service.

Thank you for your time and commitment.