Armstrong Watson continues their PQP success

06 March 2015

Armstrong Watson has been re-accredited with the CIPP Payroll Quality Partnership (PQP) award.

The PQP accreditation scheme was launched in July 2007 to provide a standard for performance management in payroll, encouraging organisations to maintain professional competence while enhancing and developing payroll skills and knowledge.

Armstrong Watson’s payroll bureau Flow Blog writes:

“We have held the award for a number of years but the period leading up to the assessment date is always a nerve wracking time. Payroll is a necessity, and the factor that usually influences a decision to outsource is price, and to be able to keep the award gives us a brilliant USP…

…The other advantage of the PQP award almost comes by default. To obtain the award the team had to go through a rigorous assessment where training procedures were scrutinised and members of the team were called on to discuss if their training and development needs were being met. As we have been re-accredited it is clear that we have an outstanding training programme in place, and members of the team feel valued because a lot is being invested in developing them within the workplace. Boasting a number of qualifications from the CIPP Foundation Degree in Payroll Management to the Payroll Technician Certificate, and with numerous staff working towards gaining new qualifications, it is clear that we have an amazing, hard working team who are committed to making themselves the best payroll administrators possible.”

Armstrong Watson has also recently brought innovation to the world of Payroll with the introduction of ‘Flow’. Brian Stenhouse, Director of Payroll Services comments:

“We're extremely proud of Flow and have put a lot of work into ensuring that the support adds true value to our clients businesses. We are moving away from the traditional approach to delivering these services, bringing new, forward thinking and fresh ideas all incorporated into Flow.”


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