22 November 2023

Mr Hunt confirmed that the government will uprate all working age benefits delivered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for 2024/25, by the September 2023 CPI inflation rate of 6.7%.

This was a welcome announcement, as in the days before the announcement, the media were speculating benefits would be increased in line with the October CPI rate. This will result in increased payments to Universal Credits.  

The Autumn Statement policy paper also confirmed the Blind Person’s Allowance (BPA) and the Married Couple’s Allowance (MCA) will be uprated by the same CPI rate, of 6.7%. The new rates for 2024/25 will be: 

  • BPA will be valued at £3,070  

  • MCA will be valued at between £4,280 and £11,080.  

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