21 December 2023

Join us for a BeKnowledgeable webinar exploring a darker side of payroll, so hopefully you can spot the warning signs and keep compliant.

Organised Labour Fraud (OLF) is a term HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) applies to three separate frauds involving labour supply chains. These types of fraud not only impact the Exchequer but also impact workers. They can pose serious risks for the recipient of the labour supply and can even affect their ability to operate.

Andrew Bradley and Sarah Henry, OLF threat leads in HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service, will discuss two of these frauds – payroll company fraud and mini-umbrella company fraud.

  • Payroll company fraud occurs when active businesses transfer employees together with payroll responsibilities to fraudulent companies that either don't declare or don't pay the relevant taxes to HMRC.
  • Mini-umbrella company fraud occurs when a large workforce is fragmented into multiple small limited companies for the purpose of fraudulently exploiting government incentives aimed at small businesses.

During the session, Sarah and Andrew will give an overview of the frauds, their risks, indicators and how HMRC is tackling the frauds. They will also explain how businesses can spot the frauds and protect themselves by following HMRC’s guidance on implementing meaningful due diligence.

CIPP Members can sign up for this session, click here to reserve your space.


Event date: 16 January 2024 - Online

Event timings: 11:00 am - 11:45 am

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