Benefits in kind statistics

17 November 2014

New statistics published by HMRC include a series of tables about the taxable benefits in kind paid by employers showing the number of recipients, the taxable value of the benefits and the tax and National Insurance contribution (NIC) liabilities on them.

The report explains that this is the latest in an annual series, thus enabling readers to follow changing trends over the years. They are viewed as comprehensive,

· apart from information supplied late by employers, and

· save for the important exception that payrolled benefits are not included. HMRC estimate that the taxable benefit value of these is approximately 5% of the total taxable value reported in the tables. Presumably this means that future issues of this report could become progressively less comprehensive if voluntary payrolling increases significantly following the recent consultation.

The 2012-13 figures (currently viewed as provisional) show that

· The number of recipients of benefits in kind continued to remain relatively steady at 3.6 million in 2012-13, including 300,000 directors.

· The total taxable value of all benefits in kind in has also continued relatively steady at £7.5 billion in 2012-13.

· The number of recipients and total taxable value of excess mileage allowance payments decreased further in 2012-13 as a result of some employers reducing mileage payments to employees.

· private medical and dental insurance was the most widely received benefit (by 62% of all those receiving any benefit), followed by cars (26%) and excess mileage allowance (10%).