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11 March 2015

The key theme to this Capacity Crunch Conference is establishing what attendees believe all market participants (including suppliers, advisers, government bodies, professional associations, trade bodies and so on) could and should be doing now to minimise the likelihood of widespread market failure “when the asteroid hits” in January 2016, when the number of companies staging escalates very sharply to an eye-watering 135,000!

We will be evaluating (through facilitated panel discussions and debates) what we think the “weakest links” are in the automatic enrolment supply:

  • Will it be payroll?
  • Will it be pensions?
  • Will it be the advisory community?
  • Or will it be another link in the chain that is first to snap?
  • Or will all the links in the chain hold firm; through January 2016 and beyond

The fact is that none of us know or can know, the answer to these questions right now; because automatic enrolment is taking us into uncharted waters. However, we should do all we can to work out what we think might happen and that is what this Capacity Crunch Conference is all about.

There will be several panel session debates, held in the format of a facilitated discussion to enable attendees to fully participate so delegates will have ample opportunity to learn, network, participate and share their candid views on the key issues.

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