Your experience with HMRC contact centre survey September 2015?

01 September 2015

We gave a choice from one of four possible answers which were - Yes, No, Tempted and Every Time – space prevents us from expanding on lengthier or more descriptive possible responses.

The subject of Employer contact centres and helplines has been an issue of increasing concern to our membership and so whilst we expected a reasonable response to this poll we hadn’t expected 121 responses in the first 24 hours and an overall response rate by the end of the week of 210 responses, which broke down as follows:










Every Time




Since then it has been announced that £45 million is to be allocated from the current spending settlement to cover the cost of paying for the recruitment of 3,000 additional staff this year and for allocating around 2,000 staff from other HMRC business areas which is being made possible following investment in new telephone equipment, which allows HMRC to switch calls to other offices, not just take them in contact centres, so that more staff can help at the busiest times.

We would like to see what impact you feel these improvements have and see how the service you receive from HMRC improves as a result. The Policy team have created a short survey, which should take no more than 15 minutes to complete, to gather your views. We will repeat this survey again in 6 months to monitor any change in your experience.

Thank you in advance for completing this survey which will close on 21 September.