Ceridian finds overall opt-out rates only 5.4%

27 March 2014

Detailed analysis by Ceridian, one of the UK’s leading HCM technology and service providers, of 244,061 auto enrolment records across 77 organisations reveals overall opt-out rates of only 5.4 per cent with opt-out rates among the young the lowest.

Melissa Goddard, director of pension solutions, at Ceridian UK said: “The overall opt-out rates across a large and representative sample of organisations have shown opt-out rates lower that most quoted averages. Furthermore, there is little difference in opt-out rates between any age groups up to 50. These average around four per cent but then rise to seven per cent for the 50 to 60 age group and then, rather unsurprisingly, rise sharply to 19 per cent for the over 60s. The opt-out rate for the under 25s is the lowest of all the groups at just 3.8 per cent, backing up what Steve Webb MP, Minister for Pensions, announced at our recent customer conference.

“Opt-out rates among females are less than males. And our analysis by different industry sectors shows that the lowest opt out rates are in industry sectors that have lower paid workers. Interestingly, the TV advert for automatic enrolment featured certain industry sectors that have some of the lowest opt out rates, such as construction and manufacturing, so maybe the advert resonated with them.”

Opt-out Rates, by Age

Age Band

Opt-out %



30> - <40


40> - <50


50> - <60







Opt-out Rates, by Gender


Opt-out %






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