CIPP and Workday discuss how payroll can impact a workforce in the latest ‘future of payroll’ video

30 April 2021

Vickie Graham, business development director, CIPP and Vanessa Shiels–Combe – senior director, payroll, product & strategy for Workday, recently discussed the ‘future of payroll’ in the latest CIPP video. 

The video had some interesting points of discussion all payroll professionals may find themselves contemplating over the next few years, including:

  • How pay on demand can be used as a tool to attract and retain talent
  • How financial wellbeing and awareness is essential to pay strategies
  • How companies should look to new technologies and software to make the payroll process simpler
  • And perhaps most importantly, how to use data insights to enable payroll to become a more powerful and valued partner to the business

The main thread the discussion kept coming back to is that payroll is at the heart of the business and should continue to be there to ensure a motivated workforce.

To watch the video and to hear from both Vickie and Vanessa, use the link below.

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