CIPP reacts to payroll manager sentencing for fraud

11 September 2015

The CIPP, which represents people who work in payroll and pensions, today praised Maidstone Crown Court for the swift sentencing of payroll manager Catherine Mitchell who defrauded her firm of almost £150,000. The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) reacted quickly and suspended her membership earlier in the year whilst she was under investigation and disqualified her for life when she was found guilty.

Lindsay Melvin, CIPP CEO, said: “This is an unsettling case, but thankfully the authorities responded immediately. The CIPP and payroll professionals have a superb reputation which is based on excellence and trust – something we do our best to uphold so it is very rare that we see a case like this.”

The CIPP work with payroll professionals who understand the privileged position they work in which requires trust and confidence. Unfortunately, this is an example of when this trust and confidence was betrayed. The CIPP will not accept and retain members who abuse their position and tarnish the reputation of the industry.

In addition, the CIPP proactively promote the checks and balances needed to assure businesses are not victims of fraud and help prevent similar cases.

Lindsay added: “We know businesses need to be assured they are complying with the law and are fit for purpose. Our Payroll Assurance Scheme helps provide organisations with this comfort and assure they are accurate and compliant.”

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