Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) products

04 September 2017

HMRC is currently running a major project to move its public-facing software onto a new platform and they need your help to successfully migrate the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) products.

Participation in the scheme doesn't require you to do anything different to your normal process - all HMRC need is the Unique Tax Reference (UTR) of the contractor which you use to log in. No personal information and no credentials need to be shared. If you decided to participate, HMRC will use the UTR to connect you to the new HMRC service, and you should be able to submit as usual. 

If everything works as expected, you should see no change to your existing process, but HMRC’s technical team will be able to monitor your session, to ensure that all their systems are working correctly. 

In the event of the new system not working as planned, you will be re-directed to the existing system: in some cases this will mean you may need to re-submit a transaction, depending on the systems and processes involved, but your data will not be compromised. 

If you are interested in participating, please email [email protected] and also include your UTR. HMRC will then contact you with any additional details, including when testing will start. The whole process will take a month, and is scheduled to finish at the end of the month.