Correction to article in ‘Professional in Payroll, Pensions & Reward’

30 January 2018

In the latest February edition of the CIPP’s magazine an error has been identified in the article ‘2018/19 The Year Ahead’.

In the February 2018 (issue 37) the article entitled ‘2018/19 The Year Ahead’ has a table of income and tax rates in the Scottish Income Tax section at the top of page 21. For the income bracket £44,274 - £150,000 the rate is 41%; however a rate of 14% was published in error.

Thank you to an ‘eagle eyed’ member for bringing this to our attention.

The interactive version of the magazine on the CIPP website has been updated to show the correct rate:

Gross Income (£)

Income tax rate

£11,850* - £13,850


£13,851 – £24,000


£24,001 – £44,273


£44,274 – £150,000**


Above £150,000**


The hard copy version of our magazine had already gone to print and distribution has begun so it shows the incorrect rate of 14%. The CIPP apologises for any confusion this may cause.