Changes to Employer Payment booklets and letters

06 January 2014

HMRC has published a message regarding a significant change to Employer Payment booklets and letters.

The changes will affect the following documents:

  • Employer Payment Booklet (P30BC) - when making a PAYE payment using a payslip through the post or over a bank or post office counter
  • Paying PAYE electronically (P30B) - letters issued to customers about paying electronically
  • Paying PAYE (P30B Annual) - letters sent to customers who pay us only once a year using a payslip.

These documents will no longer carry the name, address or phone details of the issuing office. This will apply for:

  • the remaining months of the 2013 to 2014 tax year
  • the whole of the 2014 to 2015 tax year
  • all future years.

Each individual document gives guidance on making payments.

The payslips within the booklet or attached to the P30B Annual letter contain addressed reply envelopes for sending the payment in the post.

The Paying PAYE electronically letter explains how to pay by electronic methods and carries the necessary details and information for making payment.