Is email the most effective method of relaying critical information?

08 December 2015

In a recent poll the CIPP Policy Team asked payroll bureaux and agents what their most effective way of relaying critical information to clients is.

We gave the options of communicating via paper, email, in person, phone or website message. 117 people responded in total and email came out as the preferred method at 72%. How effective this is for critical information we can only speculate but would have to assume that ‘read receipts’ are not requested in every case so if the information is critical, how would one know it has been received and understood?

The good old fashioned pick up the phone and speak to someone came in joint second with paper communication at 9%. Website message was voted at 6% and trailing in last position was to actually talk to someone in person at 4% but this is not surprising given logistical challenges are going to play a big part.

  • Email       72%
  • Paper        9%
  • Phone       9%
  • Website    6%
  • In person  4%

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