Friends of Automatic Enrolment continues to grow

01 August 2014


As CIPP’s Friends of Auto Enrolment (FofAE) continues to grow, it has become necessary to create task forces to address the numerous issues that auto enrolment presents. The task forces are focused on achieving practical improvements for members to ensure a smoother transition.

A facet of the task force is focused on data standards to ensure that Friends of Auto Enrolment can work amongst SME’s. This has resulted in the creation of task force number four led by James Markham, managing director at SBC systems, which is focussed on the data standards to support the work of Friends of Auto Enrolment by creating the Pensions and Payroll Data Interface Standard (PAPDIS).

There has been significant support for CIPP’s Friends of Auto Enrolment initiative, with much coming from the many figures in the payroll sector:

“Creating a standards solution is vital to the success of getting pension auto-enrolment to work, especially for the smaller companies, who will struggle if they don’t have this facility”

Diane Walsh MCIPPdip, EMEA Payroll Manager Interactive Data

“Without standards Payroll Bureaux will struggle to meet the demands of Auto Enrolment, costs to clients will be higher, the processes will be over complicated leading to some payrolls, especially weekly being unable to comply without changes to schedules/pay dates and overall this will lead to a high risk of Auto Enrolment failing, big time”

Brian A. Stenhouse MCIPP, Director, Group Payroll Services

Any support for PAPDIS or Friends of Auto Enrolment in general would be greatly appreciated, if you would like to offer your support please e-mail [email protected]

Thank you for your support