Frontier Software update

16 April 2019

Payroll outsourcing
Select a combination of service options and software modules to achieve your payroll processing goals.
Frontier Software recognises that every company is different and this is reflected by the choice and flexibility of our outsourcing portfolio:

  • Bureau
  • Part Managed
  • Fully Managed

Suitable for all industries, contractual service levels can be changed at any time and Frontier Software experts are always on hand to help you select your preferred method of operation. Payroll outsourcing utilises our ichris payroll software, which has HMRC’s PAYE Recognition.

Time and attendance management
A fully integrated approach to converting recorded time into employee payments
Our T&A software provides all the control and information needed to effectively manage employee attendance – with the minimum of administrative overhead and a reduction in costly errors 

  • Capture employee attendance across sites
  • Unlimited work and shift patterns can be defined
  • Auto-approvals to efficiently control overtime costs 
  • Reporting tool to monitor and analyse data 
  • Fully integrated with our payroll and absence management software

Global payroll
Payroll compliance in 23 countries 
Frontier Software provides solutions to more than 1500 organisations in the public, private and third sectors across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Far East and, to ensure that we deliver on our commitment to providing global solutions, we have 500 staff in 16 offices. The Frontier Software payroll system can process payroll compliantly in 23 countries, all from a single database. One database with one data structure; all data elements can be extracted and reported on or exported to Excel for further analysis.  Payments may also be converted and reported on using a single currency enabling parent companies to process data accurately. 

Going mobile
The Mobile HR app stores data in the same database as our other products, so clients can leverage the data management capabilities of an integrated system.  Payroll related data can be pushed to a mobile device to facilitate quick data capture, an update of transactions and access to payslips. Self-service via mobile reduces or removes manual processes and provides employees with 24/7 access to their data. The reduced reliance on the payroll team saves time that can be devoted to strategic and value-add activities that benefit the organisation as a whole, e.g. greater data analysis and insight generation for line and general management.

Calendar of events
Join us at one of these events to see how ichris payroll can help your organisation:

Accountex 2019 - London, Excel   - 1 and 2 May
CIPD  The Festival of workplace - London, Olympia - 12 and 13 June
CIPP  Scottish National Conference - Edinburgh – 5 September
CIPP  Annual Conference and exhibition - Celtic Manor resort, Wales - 2 and 3 October
CIPD  Annual Conference and Exhibition - Manchester central – 6 and 7 November

What our users say...

“Using Frontier Software’s payroll and self-service modules we removed paper payslips for all employees and have reaped the double reward of increased productivity and reduced costs. We work closely with Frontier and have built a fantastic working relationship with all areas of their business”

Geoff Thompson, group payroll manager
RPC bpi Group