Further correction to tax code uplifts 2018-19

03 January 2018

HMRC’s software developers support team (SDST) has provided a second correction to the rates and thresholds for the 2018-19 tax year.

Following the publication of the Finance Bill on 1 December 2017, SDST provided payroll rates and thresholds for 2018-19. A correction was then provided for the tax code uplift for suffix M which changed from 39 to 38.

SDST has reviewed the figures again and can confirm that the figures are as follows:

Tax code uplifts:

• Suffix L:            11500 to 11850 = 350 increase, therefore uplift 35.

• Suffix M:          12650 to 13035 = 385 increase. This is rounded up to nearest £10 therefore 390 increase, uplift 39.

• Suffix N:           10350 to 10665 = 315 increase, therefore uplift 31 (not rounded up).


Once again, please accept SDST’s apologies for any confusion or inconvenience caused.