Generic Notification Service messages for Student and Postgraduate Loans

30 October 2019

Ensure that you check your Online PAYE account for the new messages.

We recently reported that HMRC has published information in the October 2019 Employer Bulletin and also in Tax Agent Update 74 relating to the messages that would be issued to employers who continued to take student and postgraduate loan deductions after receiving stop notices. We are publishing this information again following requests from members.

These ‘Generic Notification Service’ (GNS) messages will be sent to employers via their Online PAYE account. Companies should register for email alerts that notify them of GNS messages to ensure that they are actioned.

The GNS messages:

  • Are a prompt for employers to stop taking deductions from the next available payday
  • Will work in the same way as our other GNS Student Loan / PGL prompts
  • Will be delivered to employers PAYE online accounts

There are eight possible notice types and they relate to whether the employee had a student loan, a postgraduate loan or if they never had a loan in the first instance. The following titles are used:

  • Student Loan stopped borrower Prompt 1
  • Student Loan stopped borrower Prompt 2
  • Postgraduate Loan stopped borrower Prompt 1
  • Postgraduate Loan stopped borrower Prompt 2
  • Student Loan non-borrower Prompt 1
  • Student Loan non-borrower Prompt 2
  • Postgraduate Loan non-borrower Prompt 1
  • Postgraduate Loan non-borrower Prompt 2

The prompts must be actioned to prevent employees from overpaying repayments on their loans.


Information provided in this news article may be subject to change. Please make note of the date of publication to ensure that you are viewing up to date information.