Government Gateway migration project

16 September 2016

The current Government Gateway 2 (GG2) is due to close from March 2018. As part of the decommissioning of GG2, HMRC is migrating Enrolment and Agent-Client functionality and data from GG2 into HMRC (EMAC Project).

Post March 2018 onwards, a new Government Gateway (GG3), will provide online service credential management only for organisations wishing to utilise government digital services.

The change

Impact on Software Developers

  • As the public API is read only HMRC can’t see who uses it.
  • If no software developers use this API then it can be discontinued with no impact.
  • If the public API is used and needs to be replicated this will result in a change in domain name.

Next steps

To understand if HMRC need to replicate the public API, please complete this short questionnaire.

Please note: Some Software Developers stated that they could not access the google forms survey due to proxy issues, if this is the case please view the attached PDF and send the answers via email to the SDS Team. The preference is via google forms as the responses can be collated quickly.

ISV Questionnaire


The original closing date for responses was 15 August 2016, although this has been extended to Friday 23 September.

HMRC’s Software Development Support Team (SDST) will communicate the results / impact during October.