HMRC Agent Update 40

26 February 2014

HMRC have published the latest issue of the Agent Update which is the bi-monthly round up of the latest developments in tax, HMRC service and consultations for accountants and tax professionals.

This month’s top articles include:

New timetable for RTI penalties

HMRC has announced that there will be a staggered start to the introduction of new penalties relating to RTI.

The National Insurance Contributions (NICs) Employment Allowance

The Employment allowance is up to £2,000 off an Employer’s secondary class 1 NICs liability every year. It is available to businesses and charities from 6th April 2014. Guidance on eligibility and how to claim the allowance has now been published. Agents will want to make their clients aware of their possible eligibility to claim the Employment Allowance from 6th April.

HMRC opens new channel for agent engagement

HMRC has launched a new blog to improve the way it works with agents. The Agent Engagement Team’s blog supports HMRC’s strategy for engaging with agents. In particular, it provides a new channel to communicate about joint HMRC and agent consultative meetings, the rollout of HMRC’s Tax Agent Strategy, improvements to HMRC services by working together and the services available for agents.

Agent Update 40