Further opportunity to help HMRC test its upcoming digital services

19 June 2015

We recently published a request from HMRC for volunteers to test its new Income Tax Estimate Service. HMRC is very grateful to those who have assisted and whilst that is still ongoing has now asked for volunteers to test other services that are being developed.

There are many other services being built and Andy Jones from HMRC wonders whether any businesses or employers would like to be a bit more involved. Andy says: “Our research has shown that 60% of employees with tax issues go to their employer first”. He believes those levels can be reduced if the employee is able to ‘self-serve’ once the new services go live, so both employer and employee benefit.

For services to become great services they need to be tested as they're developed. The team at HMRC would love to hear from any business that would allow them to come along to your premises and test services as they are being built. All it would take is interviews with about 6 people, each lasting around 30 minutes.

Andy commented further, “The feedback would be used to improve and shape the service that eventually goes live. That will make an enormous difference to the end product.”

So if this is something you would be interested in helping HMRC with, please contact Andy directly at: [email protected]. Thank you.