Invitation to agents and payroll bureaux to participate in auto enrolment project

14 October 2016

14 October 2016

The CIPP is working with LP Auto Enrolment Solutions on a project to help agents assess the accuracy of the automatic enrolment (AE) processes they have undertaken on behalf of their clients.

For example this could mean the accuracy of when assessments have been performed as well as the deductions that have been made from salary each pay reference period. 

This may be of interest to you if you have automatically enrolled a client with particularly challenging or complex circumstances and you are not sure if you have undertaken all the processes correctly, or simply if you would like to reassure yourself that you have the correct processes in place as you continue to support clients in the future. 

There will be a small cost to participants of £50 +VAT for each company you would like to check as well as an additional fee of 25 pence per employee per month for each month that has passed since the official staging date. This fee is to cover the resource needed to perform the necessary checks of your data and provide you with a report which outlines any errors found. Following your completed assessments you will also be given an opportunity to discuss any error report produced to establish how these can be addressed. This is included within the costs detailed above, however any subsequent discussion may incur further costs.

This is a confidential service so you can remain anonymous to the CIPP if you prefer and the CIPP will not have access to any individual agent data. 

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity and take part in this project, or would like more information about what it entails please call 01173 709 770 and ask to speak to the Auto Enrolment Policy Department. 

This project will take place during October 2016 and we would envisage results being available by the end of November at the latest, however please discuss any pressing timescales with the Auto Enrolment Policy Department in advance of confirming your desire to participate in the project.