Labour Party Announcement on Employment Tribunals

09 September 2014

Speaking at TUC Congress, Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna has announced that the next Labour Government will "scrap" the Government’s employment tribunal system and replace it with "a fairer system to ensure that affordability is not a barrier to employees seeking redress in the workplace."

Mr Umunna said that “Since fees were introduced the number of tribunal claims being made has fallen by four fifths, confirming fears that the introduction of fees would put off workers on low incomes pursuing cases. Claims relating to age discrimination and unfair dismissal as a result of pregnancy are both down by 26 per cent while claims against breaches of the Working Time Directive have fallen by 94 per cent.

Labour will undertake wider reform of the tribunals system, ensuring it works in a more streamlined and less bureaucratic way for both employees and employers”.

The announcement doesn't make it clear whether fees will be abolished entirely if the Labour party forms the next government, or whether some form of fees will remain.