02 April 2024

The Low Pay Commission (LPC) has now been provided with its new remit from the UK government and published a consultation asking for your views on the minimum wage in 2025 and beyond.

The consultation is open until 7 June 2024, with he LPC’s recommendation to the government to be provided by October 2024.

This year the LPC are interested in evidence on the following areas:

  • the affordability and effects of an increase in April 2025 to an NLW rate within the range of £11.61 and £12.18 (with a central estimate of £11.89)
  • the impact of increases in the NLW in April 2024 on workers, employers, the labour market and economy
  • the impact of 21-22 year olds becoming entitled to the NLW in April 2024
  • the effect of the minimum wage increases for younger workers on their employment prospects
  • the effects of this year’s increase in the Apprentice Rate, and its continued alignment with the 16-17 Year Old Rate
  • awareness, use and impacts of the Accommodation Offset.

The LPC has also recently set out its plans for beyond 2024, asking the government to decide what policy outcome it wants to achieve with the minimum wage rates.

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