Members voice

17 January 2014

Members voice is a CIPP member benefit allowing payroll and pension professionals to post questions to the entire CIPP membership base. It widens your pool of expertise and allows you to learn from other payroll and pension professionals’ experiences. Members voice items are listed below, click on the title to read the full item and respond to the question. If you have a payroll or pensions question to ask the CIPP members, simply complete the form on the right hand side or email [email protected].

New Payroll/HR System

Member Susan kirtley has asked: We are currently looking for a new Payroll/HR system. The system must be able to deal with the Local Government Pension Scheme and employes with 2 jobs. Can anyone recommend a system please?

Shares Training

Member Paul Hughes has asked: I will shortly be taking on the responsibility for processing shares transactions for approved and unapproved shares within my employer and wondered if anyone knew if there is a training provider that goes through the payroll implications of these transactions and the timescales that they should take place in (esp. under RTI).

Pyramid - Software provider

Member Kara Jeffers would like to speak to anyone out there who is currently using the auto enrolment feature in the Pyramid Software.

Pension Salary Sacrifice

Member Joelle Longland has asked: We are currently implementing a new salary sacrifice scheme for pensions. We know that HMRC has been previously been strict about the 'only one change per year' rule for a scheme to be classed as a valid salary sacrifice due to having to change T&Cs each time a change is made (by change I'm refering to an employee varying the pension sacrifice amount).

Free Company Shares

Member Paul Swarbrick has asked: Does anyone have any experiences/best practice on Free Company Shares, please? We are looking at mechanisms to avoid the increase in calls over Benefit in Kind Value increasing Tax/NI/Student Loan the month after asset transfer and the resulting call volume/query increase - This symptom has also occurred at SIP and SOP share issue?

Zero hours contract holiday pay

Member Helen Stewart has asked: When staff on zero hours contracts accrue holiday pay when do we need to pay them considering the fact that on zero hours there is no set pattern of work? Do we pay them for the Christmas & Boxing days even if they are not scheduled to work those days?


Member Sandra Donnelly has asked: Why are doctors/midwifes no longer putting dates on for the EWC?