Members voice

26 March 2014


Members voice is a CIPP member benefit allowing payroll and pension professionals to post questions to the entire CIPP membership base. It widens your pool of expertise and allows you to learn from other payroll and pension professionals’ experiences.

Members voice items are listed below, click on the title to read the full item and respond to the question. If you have a payroll or pensions question to ask the CIPP members email [email protected].

  1. Umbrella PAYE Payroll

    26 March 2014

    I am wondering if any other members have experience of Umbrella Company PAYE Payroll.

  2. Payroll Size Guidance

    26 March 2014

    How many members of staff is needed to manage a payroll size of 5200 on a 4-Weekly pay cycle?

  3. Unusual Payroll Setup

    26 March 2014

    I have recently taken over a monthly payroll whilst the previous payroller is on long term sick, it seems there is a mix of hourly paid (paid 4 weekly or 5 weekly for a given month) plus some monthly salaried staff, when I look at this year's payroll details I find that the timesheets for the hourly paid employees start from 13/3/13 which means the work completed is actually in the previous payroll year.

  4. RTI Appendix 5

    26 March 2014

    I wonder if anyone is using payroll software which can cope with Net Of ForeignTax credits? HMRC have withdrawn the annual reporting adjustments and now require amendments monthly which our current software provider does not include.

  5. Stock whilst on Maternity

    11 March 2014

    Member Lee Stevens has asked: If an employee that is a member of an Employee Stock Scheme is going on maternity. Is the company obliged to pay the stock contribution on the EE's behalf whilst they are off?