07 May 2024

It is being reported today (7 May 2024) that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been the target of a hack seeking to obtain payroll data.

Payroll data is one of the most valuable digital assets for businesses. As such, it has become a target for malicious groups seeking to gain inside information or to ransom for profit. It is likely that many companies’ payroll data will be less high of a target than the MoD’s, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

It is key that you have robust data controls and processes in place to limit your exposure to an attack. But in the case of the MoD, they utilised an external contractor, therefore it is also necessary to understand the protections and protocols of any third parties you engage. Depending on your risk appetite, it may also be prudent to assess the additional data controllers contracted by companies you contract with.

As the latest news has shown, this can happen to organisations despite the resources available to prevent such attacks, therefore it is also essential to have a relationship with a disaster recovery specialist, who can guide you through the specifics of dealing with the unfortunate aftermath.

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