05 November 2019


Moorepay have surveyed the employee attitudes of 2,000+ employees and 350+ businesses to understand: 

Are companies giving their people the benefits they want?

Moorepay sought the opinions of both employers and employees to find out:

  • Are employees looking for more than just a salary from their employer?
  • How valued does the workforce feel?
  • Which benefits would they prioritise as the most important to offer?

To support SMEs on their quest to attract and retain top talent, Moorepay have compiled our survey findings and consulted with industry experts to create a comprehensive report.

Download this whitepaper to understand the valuable insights from our research including:

  • The Value Gap: employees feel undervalued, but employers are often unaware
  • Benefits Barometer: SMEs are being out-gunned by larger rivals
  • The top ten benefits to recruit and retain SME employees
  • Simple steps you can take to start developing a more loyal and productive workforce

Download the report