Supermarket payroll data theft

14 March 2014

Just hours after Morrisons supermarket revealed a grim set of financial results, 100,000 staff members had payroll data stolen and leaked to the media.

BBC News reported that the majority of Morrison’s staff have been affected by the theft. Information which included their bank details was posted online and sent on disc to a newspaper.

Morrisons said its initial investigation does not point to the work of an outside hacker and one possible theory cited was that this could have been an attempt by a disgruntled employee to embarrass the company.

The firm is undertaking an urgent review of its internal data security systems and it has set up a helpline for its staff.

Morrisons says the majority of its staff have been affected by the theft of payroll data.

BBC business correspondent Emma Simpson has been told that details of around 100,000 employees have been stolen.

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