New Quick Poll: Do you think changes should be made to SSP?

05 December 2022

With the cost-of-living being a topic that is not going away any time soon, many areas are seeing increased scrutiny to see if changes can be made for the better.

An area of focus at the moment is Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). An assortment of unions and institutes have written an open letter to the UK government, including the Centre for Progressive Change.

To gauge our members' thoughts on the issue, we are asking if SSP should:

  • be paid at a higher rate
  • be payable from day 1
  • not be subject to the LEL
  • allow for flexible returns to work (i.e. part days)
  • be left as it is.

In the past, the UK government responded to the consultation “Health is everyone’s business”. In the response they concluded that during the pandemic was not the right time to institute changes to the SSP system. Will this push urge the government to assess if now is the right time?

Head over to our News page to take part in our Quick Poll. It only takes a minute and it really does help.

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