22 September 2011

National Fraud Authority

The National Fraud Authority (NFA) is an executive agency of the Home Office. Our vision is of a UK safe from the harm caused by fraud.

We work with a huge range of stakeholders from across the wider government, law enforcement, industry and voluntary/charity sectors to build awareness and co-ordinate the fight against fraud. In January 2011, the NFA published its second comprehensive estimate of fraud loss in the UK, estimating that fraud costs over £38billion a year. At least £329 million is estimated to have been lost to payroll and recruitment fraud in the public sector alone.

This year the National Fraud Authority has developed a survey to help gain a more complete picture of payroll fraud. We are working with the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals to disseminate the survey as widely as possible and are keen to involve its members in this next stage of our research.

The survey questions respondents about their awareness and experience of payroll fraud over the past 12 months, looking at the risks in this area and seeking to quantify the percentage of payroll spend that may be lost to fraud. However, fraud is a hidden crime, and often goes undetected. To explore the bigger, hidden picture the survey also asks for an opinion on what might be at risk of being lost to fraud as a percentage of their turnover. This approach was piloted in a survey of the charity sector last year and has proved to be very informative.

All responses will be treated confidentially and anonymously through the online survey website, SurveyMonkey. No personal or organisational details will be disclosed, without their consent, to the NFA or any other party..

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Your participation would be highly valued.

Please click here to take part in the survey:

If you feel you are not the most appropriate person at your organisation to fill in this survey, please forward this email to whomever you think can best answer questions relating to payroll fraud.

I would like to thank you in advance for your time and assistance participating in this survey. Should you have any queries concerning the email, please feel free to direct to [email protected]

Stephen Harrison

Chief Executive

National Fraud Authority

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