DWP - New State Pension Statements statistics

19 November 2015

The DWP State Pension statement statistics has issued a statistical release that gives data on the number of State Pension statements that have been issued in 2014/2015 and 2015/2016. The latest release is an update to those published in September 2015.

DWP can provide people, on request, with a State Pension statement that gives an estimate of their likely State Pension, based on their current National Insurance (NI) record.

The State Pension services that are currently available to an individual are linked to whether they reach their State Pension before or after the new State Pension is introduced, and their age at the time they ask for a statement. More information about the services that are available is at State Pension statement .

A new service giving people a personalised written estimate of what they can expect to receive under the new State Pension system, based on their work history and National Insurance contributions to date, was piloted in September 2014, and was formally launched on 4th October 2014. This service was originally available ‘on request’ to those people who reach State Pension age (SPa) in the first five years of the new scheme. From 7 February 2015 this service was extended to anyone age 55 and over.

As from mid-November 2015 and in response to customer feedback, DWP are to include information within the State Pension statements to help customers who have been contracted-out see how National Insurance contributions paid before 6th April 2016 will contribute to their overall pension income.