Online payslips and why your business should use them

25 January 2021

Electronic payslips (e-Payslips) are an integral part of the modern employee self service experience, making life easier for both employer and employee through the provision of instant, online access to pay details.

Frontier Software provides e-Payslips for customers using their self service option and has recently taken this a step further with the introduction of online payslips for their bureau customers - without any additional software costs.

Frontier Software Payroll Services (FPS) delivers a range of secure and compliant payroll processing services to a large and varied customer base. To enhance service delivery, FPS now offers access to payslips via a payslip portal, with no need to purchase self service software. Great news all round, especially for those with smaller employee numbers or a remote/distributed workforce.

Saying goodbye to paper and making the move to e-Payslips will mark you out as a modern employer in an era of digitalisation and deliver benefits for your employees and your organisation. Here are just a few of these benefits for you to consider:

1.    Cost-effective

There’s no need for printing or postage costs and you will probably save money on payroll staff time too.

2.    Faster distribution

Payslip distribution and access is instant. No more post delays or calls to the payroll office from a stressed employee trying to submit a mortgage application.

3.    Anytime, anywhere access

Easy access to pay information, at a time to suit the individual employee. 

4.    Pay data security

Storing everything online improves privacy and confidentiality and reduces the risk of payslips being lost or misused. Plus, it’s a GDPR compliant way of handling pay information.

5.    Eco-friendly

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Using much less paper and ink will contribute towards environmental and waste-reduction goals; something we can all appreciate.

There is no doubt that technology has great advantages over a manual process and now, more than ever before is a great time to experience the difference e-Payslips can make.