The Peer Networks Programme: what is it and could you benefit from it?

11 June 2021

Within June 2021’s instalment of the Employer Bulletin, there is discussion of the Peer Networks Programme. This is a free networking programme for Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) business leaders that aim to grow and develop their organisations.

To date, nearly 5,000 businesses have utilised the programme and have taken learnings from other SMEs in relation to how they have solved some of the obstacles that they have had to overcome.

The programme is currently being delivered locally through Growth Hubs across England, meaning that there are constantly growing networks of business leaders, who are able to discuss the business challenges they face. Leaders may discuss the challenges they face, any beneficial feedback they’ve received from their peers, and may be able to uncover solutions to some of the issues that they face.

Any SME business based in England can use the programme, if they have operated for a minimum period of one year, have at least five employees and have a turnover of at least £100,000.

Those who participate in the scheme will also have access to one-to-one support, which has been adjusted to suit their individual needs.

Additional information is available here.


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