Pension flexibility - reporting of non-taxable death benefits through RTI

04 May 2016

HMRC provided the following article which will also be published in the next Pension Schemes Newsletter:

“Pension flexibility - reporting of non-taxable death benefits through RTI

In Pension Schemes Newsletter 72 we gave guidance on the reporting of non-taxable death benefits through RTI from April 2016.

We have received a number of queries from pension payers/providers regarding P6 tax coding notices being issued by HMRC for death benefit payments that are entirely non-taxable (i.e. an entry in data item 173 only of the full payment submission (FPS)).

P6 coding notices are not relevant to these payments. We are currently investigating this to identify why these notices are being issued, however in the meantime scheme administrators should stop reporting these non-taxable death benefit payments with immediate effect. You should continue to keep records of these payments.

You should not report these entirely non-taxable payments at all for 2016 however you will be required to start reporting these again from April 2017 onwards.

This guidance only applies to death benefit payments where the whole of the payment is non-taxable. All other payments including non-taxable elements should continue to be reported as per previous guidance.

Any pension payer/provider who needs further guidance on this please email [email protected] and put reporting non-taxable death benefit payments in the subject line of the email

We are sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause.”