Pensions Industry Stakeholder Forum minutes

01 September 2016

The minutes from the meeting of the latest Pensions Industry Stakeholder Forum have been made available.

Highlighted below are some points from the meeting.

Registered Pension Schemes Manual (RPSM)

In paragraph 103 of these minutes, there's an action point to circulate a link to the RPSM currently held on the National Archive website. Here is a link to the index page - from here you can look at different versions of the RPSM.

Pensions Tax Manual

There was one outstanding action point from the last meeting, for HMRC to confirm to the Forum whether the Pensions Tax Manual will have a contents search function. The chair confirmed that the manual does have a contents search function and that an update on the Pensions Tax Manual would be given at Agenda Item 4.

Sending attachments to Pension Schemes Services

In paragraph 108 a point was raised about being unable to submit queries with attachments to Pension Schemes Services using the online pro forma. For information customers who can't use the online pro forma because

they need to submit queries with attachments can email these to [email protected] .

Other topics under discussion were:

  • Lifetime allowance
  • Annual allowance
  • Raising technical pension queries with HMRC

View the Pensions Industry Stakeholder Forum Minutes from the meeting held on 15 April 2016.