Qualifying recognised overseas pension schemes

01 May 2015

HMRC has updated form APSS251 and associated notes to reflect new and existing legislation and to align with their published guidance.

Amongst these changes a new Q5 ‘Payment of Benefits’ has been added to form APSS251 and changes have also been made to the ‘Undertakings and declaration’ at Q40.

Form APSS251 is used by pension scheme managers to notify HMRC that a scheme is a recognised overseas pension scheme in accordance with Section 150(8) and Section 169 Finance Act 2004.The form may also be used to notify HMRC of changes to scheme details.

Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes notifications

HMRC has also published the latest update to the Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes notifications which is the list of schemes that have told HMRC that they meet the conditions to be a Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme.