New Quick Poll: Are you seeing an increase in employees pausing contributions to workplace pensions?

13 September 2022

Recently there has been much discussion in the pension sector surrounding contributions during the cost-of-living- crisis. Specifically opting out or pausing pension contributions during the crisis.

On one hand, pausing contributions or opting out will allow individuals to keep more of their salary now if budgets are tight. However, this would come at the cost of long-term financial security for retirement.

As you can see, this is likely to be a personal decision and recommendations given for either side are to be given with great care.

The policy team here at the CIPP would like to know if you have experienced an increase in contributions pausing or opt outs? And if so, is the cost-of-living given as a reason to do so?

Head over to our news page to take part in our quick poll, it only takes a minute and is really appreciated.

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