Quick Poll results: What did you think about payroll embracing the 4-day work week?

25 July 2022

The CIPP policy team were interested to know your thoughts on if payroll professionals could accommodate a 4-day working week. Is it possible to work 20% less and maintain 100% productivity and hit all those important deadlines?

The quick poll asked a very simple yes or no, there is much more nuance to the situation that would warrant further exploration, but we received a staggering 927 responses.

Almost a quarter (23.4%) of respondents said no, it is not plausible for payroll professionals to engage in a 4-day working week. Therefore, over three quarters (76.6%) felt that they could.

While a majority feel it is possible there is still some divide in thinking. Some may still see 4-day weeks as the latest ‘gimmick’ tested by employers in an increasingly competitive job market. The current 4-day week UK pilot programme is seeking to highlight the benefits and test how businesses can implement the scheme. This way of working will not suit all sectors, and as seen by these results, may vary from business to business.

It will be interesting to see if this becomes the latest employee benefit to pick up traction and see widespread use.

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