15 April 2024

Payslip messaging has become more popular in recent years, potentially due to the recommended message provided by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) when the health and social care levy was introduced.

The policy team wanted to know what the general sentiment was around payslip messages was. We asked:

Would it be helpful if your online or printed payslips had a link to HMRC guidance about common wage queries you receive? And here are the results:


% Responded

Yes, this could reduce common questions we deal with


No, I don’t think it’ll help


Additional comments added:

  • this is already done
  • employees don’t look at payslips
  • better to link to HMRC app than guidance
  • HMRC guidance can be hard to understand

As always, thank you for your input and keep an eye out for our next quick poll.

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