24 October 2023

Thank you to all those who answered our previous quick poll.

The results were as follows:


Responses %



No - I'd prefer a NI exemption on pension contributions






68% would welcome an easement, whereas 13% wouldn’t and 17% would prefer a NI exemption on pension contributions.

Some of the shared comments, were:

  • salary sacrifices should be exempt from reducing NMW pay
  • workers shouldn’t be paid so low that it takes them below the NMW
  • there should be an easement that allows all salary sacrifice to be excluded when calculating NMW
  • any easement would need to be accredited
  • salaries should be increased to allow pension salary sacrifice schemes
  • NMW legislation is extremely complicated for employers / pensions being allowed to go under is just another add on
  • there should be no minimum wage altogether
  • if a worker goes under, the employer should pick up this contribution i.e. no employee contribution
  • exemption on salary sacrifice arrangements are needed by the low paid e.g. cycle to work scheme, as the lower paid are more likely to require help with the payments
  • it's unfair for the lower paid and for them not to be able to take up this advantage
  • enable NI relief on pension contributions as that is the primary reason for salary sacrifice.

Your input really is appreciated, please keep taking part in our Quick Polls and continue to have your say. 

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