04 April 2024

The government is currently consulting on potential changes to the data they collect through RTI. This has the potential to impact payroll teams significantly.

We therefore wanted to see how you felt you were prepared for the changes. We asked:

“Following on from the news that hours will need to be reported via RTI from April 25, do you feel:”


% Responded

We already have the data held on record


We think gathering the data will put additional admin burden on payroll professionals


We will be able to obtain the data from another department / our clients


We will need to change processes to ensure we / our clients capture this data


Positively, there is a large percentage of respondents that already collect the right data. However, the largest response rate was from those who feel this puts additional administrative burden on payroll professionals.

With such a split in thinking and processes, it poses the question; is the additional burden too much, or do companies need to bite the bullet and update processes to stay compliant?


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