06 February 2024

The results are in from our latest quick poll. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is interested to hear our members feedback on whether their service provider managed to implement the NI changes in time for the 6 January or will they need to backdate the overpaid NI in the following pay period.

As previously reported, the CIPP received feedback from our members stating that the backdating of National Insurance Contributions would add a significant burden on payroll departments and was therefore “not an option”.

It was consequently no surprise that the results showed that out of almost 700 responses, less than two percent of respondents didn’t manage to implement the changes in time.

The CIPP will of course communicate the results with HMRC, and despite an outstanding percentage of respondents having updated software in time for the changes, we will urge HMRC to allow adequate time for payroll professionals and software providers to implement future changes.

Thank you to all that responded to the Quick Poll. As always, we value your opinion, and your input helps us to support you better in the future.


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