The CIPP is joining Reward Strategy at their Global Payroll Question Time

25 March 2021

Global Payroll Question Time, headline sponsored by Ceridian and run in partnership with Globalization Partners, will feature a panel of experts ready to tackle any burning questions payrollers may have.

The CIPP is working with Reward Strategy on this event which will take place for the first time on April 20. The fully immersive, live studio broadcast will see professionals given the virtual floor to appear on screen and directly ask experts questions.

Hosting the event is Amber-Ainsley Pritchard, editor of Reward Strategy, and she will be joined by the following specialists:

  • Elizabeth Strong, European employee services lead at Kerry Group
  • Wendy Muirhead, vice president at Ceridian
  • Nick Adams, vice president of EMEA at Globalization Partners
  • Brian Sparling, senior manager of global operations at Ceridian

As always, a payroll manager’s inbox is full of employee questions and there’s no doubt COVID-19 and Brexit has seen the number spike. Therefore, discussions will cover all time-sensitive topics for the community, including:

  • Brexit
  • Employment law issues
  • Visa reforms
  • Connected HR
  • Furlough extension

Everyone expects you to have the answers, but even payroll professionals need a little help sometimes, so join Global Payroll Question Time on April 20 and let the experts deliver all the answers you need - reserve your spot now.