16 April 2024

The list of Recognised Overseas Pensions Schemes (ROPS) notifications has been updated.

The list is of schemes that have told HMRC they meet the conditions to be a ROPS and have asked to be included on the list.

There have been 21 schemes added and 11 removed.

HMRC list the updates, as follows.

Schemes added


AC Durkin Super Fund

AR Lambourne Super Fund

Beer Superfund

Bowden Family SMSF


Evernew Superannuation Fund

Francis Family Superannuation Fund

G & G Super Fund

Lingard Super

McCarthy Superannuation Fund

Nicholas Jones Superfund No 1

Nigelsmsf Superannuation Fund

Powell Family Super Fund

Rainford SMSF

RDBarnett Super

Rob And Ali Super Savings

RPG Maunder Superfund

SMSF Edwards Pty Ltd

Ted and Cat Superannuation Fund


TATA AIA Fortune Guarantee Retirement Ready


UiPath Netherlands B.V.


Schemes removed


David Cannon Family Super

David Julian Superannuation Fund

E & M Jones Superannuation Fund

Hawkins Family SMSF

Wagstaff Super Fund


Centurion Retirement Annuity Trust Scheme

Equus Retirement Annuity Trust Scheme


St Jacques No 4 Pension Plan

Hong Kong

Yellow River Global Capital Retirement Scheme


Indifran Limited

New Zealand

SMS 8 Fund


An updated list of ROPS notifications is published on the first and 15th day of each month. If this date falls on a weekend or UK public holiday the list will be published on the next working day. Sometimes the list is updated at short notice to temporarily remove schemes while reviews are carried out, for example, where fraudulent activity is suspected.

The requirements to be a ROPS changed from 6 April 2017 - find out about the changes for ROPS requirements.

Information provided in this news article may be subject to change. Please make note of the date of publication to ensure that you are viewing up to date information.