What Scottish Independence could mean for payroll and employers

28 April 2014

The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals has today released a report about what Scottish Independence could mean for payroll teams and employers.

With the Scottish referendum approaching this September, the guide looks at the background of the debate along with the potential tax and pensions changes that will need to be implemented by thousands of payroll professionals and employers across the UK.

Diana Bruce, Senior Policy Liaison Officer for the CIPP said

“If the referendum is unsuccessful and independence is not voted for, we will see the devolution of Scottish income tax in 2016. If the votes for independence are in the majority, then we will also see fundamental changes to the Scottish tax system by 2016. So whatever the outcome of the referendum on 18 September 2014, employers and their payroll teams can expect change, and should know what the implications of an independent Scotland could be.”

Read the ‘Scottish Independence impact on payroll and employers’ paper or download the PDF through the link below.

Scottish Independence - Impact on Employers - April 2014