Basic payroll training

If you're new to payroll and looking to gain basic payroll knowledge, then you've come to the right place.

Take a look at the 'payroll basics' courses below, as these are a great way to gain the knowledge you need to kickstart your career.  Each course is only one hour in length, so you can quickly work your way through all four. It's a great way to improve your knowledge and confidence.

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Calculating Income Tax

If you’re completely new to the world of payroll, then this is a great skill-boosting course for you.

During this one hour, e-learning course, you will begin your payroll journey by learning about the PAYE tax system, processing some simple income tax calculations, understanding more about the various tax codes and learning how the tax year operates.


Calculating National Insurance Contributions

Calculating national insurance contributions and understanding why this process is such a valuable part of your role, will be key to your journey as a payroll professional.

Throughout this one hour, e-learning course, you will learn more about national insurance thresholds, rates, classes and categories alongside essential information about the system itself.

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Paying Statutory Sick Pay

Understanding how to process and pay statutory sick pay will become an essential part of your role, as a payroll professional.

This one hour, e-learning course will equip you with the basic skills you need to carry out your role with confidence. By the end of the course, you will have learnt the basics of statutory sick pay, how to calculate SSP and identify eligibility. You’ll also have the chance to work through some simple calculations, testing your knowledge and improving your skills.


Paying Statutory Maternity Pay

An important part of being a payroll professional is understanding the importance of processing statutory maternity pay.

During this one hour, e-learning course, you’ll learn how and when to pay statutory maternity pay (SMP), understand the basics of SMP and identify who is eligible to receive SMP, as well as how to clearly explain the eligibility process to employees.