Agent Update 57

14 December 2016

HMRC has published the latest Agent Update which details guidance, developments and changes to legislation relating to UK tax.

Agent Update 57 includes:

Change of employees address

HMRC have issued an article in the December (2016) edition of the Employer Bulletin (available shortly) advising that it is the individual’s responsibility to notify HMRC of a change of address and they can do this by updating their online Personal Tax Account. This article also provides the employer with guidance of what to do if the employee is unable to do this.

Company Car Tax

Guidance on the new legislation on company cars contained in section 7 Finance Act 2016. The legislation does two main things. It:

  • maintains HMRC’s long-standing interpretation of when a car or van benefit under the benefit code arises
  • creates a new exemption within the company car legislation in the situation where a business that hires cars out to members of the public also hires cars to their employee and the cost of hiring the car to an employee is the same as to a member of public.

Read the full Agent Update 57.

Previous editions of Agent Update are also available on GOV.UK.