Alistair McGowan to host CIPP Annual Excellence Awards

29 April 2018

Alistair McGowan has worked in almost every area of show business/the arts over his 27-year career. He is an impressionist, a stand-up comic, an actor, singer, and writer of sketches, articles, stage and radio plays but is still probably best known to British audiences for 'The Big Impression' which was, for four years, one of BBC1's top-rating comedy programmes - winning numerous awards, including a BAFTA.

This announcement comes as the 2017 awards were recognised at the Awards Awards 2018 on Friday 27 April at a prestigious ceremony at the Waldorf Hotel, London.

Nominations for the CIPP’s Annual Excellence Awards are open until 10 August, click here for details on how to nominate. And, bookings are now open to attend the awards on 11 October at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole.